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How to Be a More Patient Parent

How to Be a More Patient Parent

Parenting is hard. There's no denying that. But one of the many things that makes it difficult is needing to be patient - especially when we're not feeling our best. So whether you're a first-time parent or have been at this for a while, here are some tips to help you become a more patient parent.

1. Take a timeout. If you're home with your child 24/7, you'll need a break to refuel and recharge. It's easy to get caught up in the emotions of parenting. You might feel like your patience is wearing thin or that you're not coping well with all these changes. Still, research shows it'll take more than 30 minutes before returning into a "normal" emotional state, even though most people would say they feel calm again at first glance! So, try taking time out for yourself to recharge, and things can be done without becoming angry at anyone (including kids)

2. Pause before you react. If you're unable to get away for a bit, the next best option is to switch your focus. The best thing to do is breathe deeply. Inhale slowly and thoroughly through the nose while counting aloud, "one-two-three-four." As soon as we exhale, all thoughts of anger should be gone because this process takes too long for any emotion except relief! So next time life gets tough, try taking deep breaths at an even slower pace than before; maybe focus on how wonderful air feels inside us after breath.

3. Keep a positive perspective. Although it's hard to believe, your child probably isn't being problematic on purpose. Your kids just have a different view of the world. If they're too young to speak, all they can do to communicate displeasure is cry and scream. Being "unreasonable" is simply a part of being a child. A child's brain isn't fully developed until about 21 years of age. So it isn't an excuse for poor behavior, but it's something to remember when you're at the end of your rope.

4. Practice your patience. There are two ways to practice your patience. You can mentally rehearse being more patient or practice your patience in low-stress situations. Think back to a time where you were less patient than you would have liked. Imagine yourself behaving in the way you'd prefer. Practice this exercise several times a day. Try being more patient when you're only slightly stressed. If you practice in lower-stress situations, you'll be more successful during those times when you're about to lose your cool.

5. Remember to be patient with yourself too. Remember, you're still a human being! You will make mistakes and get angry sometimes. Give yourself some space from perfectionism because it's not realistic to expect that we can avoid getting upset at all times- especially as parents.

Parenting is a never-ending journey, and it's filled with challenges. But the rewards make parenting worth every frustration – even if you have to wait for them! It may take time to develop patience for these challenges – just keep practicing your new skills every day! Like this post? Comment,  like, or save it so that you can find more posts like this one in the future.

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