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Curvy Fit, Plus Size leggings, sports bras, clothing

FitKitty Curvy Tribe Collection Empowering Plus-Size Athleisure Wear

Embrace Your Journey

Experience Style that Effortlessly Aligns with Your Life.

Embrace your fitness and wellness journey
Micro-Ribbed Athleisure Tank Top, Tank Top, Fitkitty Culture, Fitkitty Culture

Micro-Ribbed Athleisure Tank Top

Unit price
EmpowerFit Freedom Bra, Sports Bra, Fitkitty Culture, Fitkitty Culture

EmpowerFit Freedom Bra

Regular price $28.00 from $22.40

Unit price
Sheer Striped Mesh Paneled Back Tee, Shirt, Fitkitty Culture, Fitkitty Culture

Sheer Striped Mesh Paneled Back Tee

Unit price
Laser-Cut Pocket Leggings 7/8, Leggings, Fitkitty Culture, Fitkitty Culture

Laser-Cut Pocket Leggings 7/8

Unit price
Fitkitty Culture Founder Jacqueline Finnan, QVC Models, Joy Talent Agency Models, Athleisure, women’s clothing, skincare, wellness, leggings, workout clothing,   yoga pants, running pants, sports bras, women’s activewear

Be Confident and Comfortable with Fitkitty Culture™

WHY Fitkitty Culture™

Commitment to Excellence

Crafted with Passion, Worn with Pride

Embrace FitKitty Culture™'s creations, each crafted with love and a commitment to excellence, designed to elevate your comfort and boost your confidence. Our collection is a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and sustainable luxury, ensuring you look and feel empowered. By choosing our wear, you're not just making a fashion statement, but aligning with our ethos of responsible, environmentally conscious fashion. Each piece is more than attire; it’s a reflection of your inner strength and a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, energizing you in every aspect of your day.

Easy Returns

FREE exchanges, FREE returns.

At FitKitty Culture™, we believe in more than just delivering exceptional products; we're dedicated to ensuring your absolute delight in every purchase. That's why we've streamlined our exchange process to be as responsive and hassle-free as possible. The moment you email us for an exchange, we spring into action. Your new exchange item ships out promptly, because we understand the value of your time and the excitement of experiencing our products.

Every Purchase Gives Back

Your Purchase Gives Back

At FitKitty Culture™, we passionately commit a significant portion of our sales to empowering women and children through various charities, and championing sustainable environmental initiatives. Each purchase you make is not just a fashion statement, but a stride towards a brighter, more equitable future. By supporting women’s development and children’s welfare, along with environmental conservation, we're not just transforming wardrobes, but also lives and landscapes. Join us in our mission to create a lasting impact, where every choice you make with us contributes to a more hopeful, empowered, and sustainable world.

Yes we ship worldwide!

Worldwide Shipping

Experience the Ease of Effortless Worldwide Shipping with FitKitty Culture™! We understand that your time is precious and your convenience paramount. That's why we've streamlined our global shipping process to ensure a seamless, hassle-free delivery experience, no matter where you are in the world. With our reliable worldwide shipping, you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of FitKitty Culture™ products delivered right to your doorstep with utmost efficiency. Our commitment to providing you with a smooth, effortless shopping experience extends across continents, bringing our exclusive range of sustainable athleisure wear closer to you, regardless of distance. Embrace the simplicity and convenience of shopping with us, and let us take care of the rest, ensuring your FitKitty favorites reach you swiftly and securely.

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