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Upgrade your active lifestyle with the latest in conscious athleisure designed specifically for modern women. Our female-designed pieces offer both comfort and functionality, tested in real-life yoga, gym, and running settings. Experience the perfect blend of fashion and function. Shop now for the ultimate active lifestyle with style.


Ladies who love fitness and crave comfort, get ready to swoon over... 

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Looking for high-quality leggings that won't break the bank? Look no further... 

Fitkitty Velvet Luxe Nude Feeling Leggings
  • Fitkitty Culture Founder Jacqueline Finnan Hemmer-We believe everyone deserves happiness in life, which is why we provide premium quality items without compromising customer service. Why? Because you are important to us.

    For the Modern Woman

    A new type of conscious athleisure for the modern woman is here! Developed by female designers, these pieces are designed to be comfortable and sweat-friendly - tested in yoga studios, at the gym, or on a run. The perfect combination of fashion and function – it's time to hit up that active lifestyle with style!

  • Boost Your Health & Wellness

    Take advantage of every opportunity to get on the path to better health with free education from our social channels, website blogs, and loyalty programs. Learn about wellness, healthy eating habits, and fitness training to support a successful journey!

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  • Every Purchase Gives Back

    Fitkitty is committed to not only helping you with your health but also giving back to humanity and the planet! Every time you purchase something from us, we donate 1% of sales toward women/children's charities and 1% to sustainable environmental initiatives in partnership with onepercentfortheplanet.org - be a part of this amazing movement today!

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